How to Become a Bartender


Unlike other kinds of jobs, becoming a bartender is open to anyone. There are no physical and educational requirements when trying to qualify for this job. However, anyone who wants to become a professional bartender must be passionate about this job and dedicated to learn techniques and recipes. There are many ways to become a professional bartender. Some cities may require certificates before bartenders can secure a job. Otherwise, bartending can be learned by experience. Discover what you need to know to become a successful bartender in your area, and what you should expect on the job.

Becoming a Professional Bartender

A bartender’s job doesn’t lead to riches, but it’ll get anyone contacts, access to bars and the most delectable drinks, and a job to love. To become a professional bartender, experience is the key. This is why it is not important to have a degree in bartending or related courses, although that is an option. There are hospitality schools that offer bartending courses in certain programs. There are also bartending schools that a person can enroll in to learn about the profession. Bartending schools and courses mainly teach students about the different types of liquors, bartending techniques, types of glass, and how to mix drinks. They are also taught how to comingle with customers and improve their people skills. The popular Break into Bartending blog has also established itself as a reputable source for bartending information.

Attending a school does not always guarantee getting a bartending job. This is why aside from bartending schools, a person can always look for a job in a bar or club directly. He or she can start out as a cocktail server or a barback. A barback is an assistant bartender who works behind the bar as a glass washer, inventory assistant of liquors or as the one in charge of garnishing cocktails. In the process of working under a bartender, a person can be trained and can soon pick up the fundamental skills needed in maintaining bars.

Bartender Skills

Bartending is not simply mixing and handing out drinks. Bartenders are important figures in the weekly life of loyal clienteles to bars and clubs. They are also the reason why people keep coming back to the establishment day after day. Personality is of utmost importance when bar owners are hiring. Applicants should then naturally be interested in people and know how to converse with people of different backgrounds. They should also be able to manage multiple tasks and delegate responsibilities to assistants without missing or mistaking orders. Bartenders must have good memories to be able to satisfy all his or her costumers and work seamlessly even under pressure.

Of course, applicants can’t be bartenders without knowledge of the many drinks they sell. They should not only be able to tell wines from cocktails and beers, they should also understand which liquors mix well together. They should be masters of the most popular and the newest recipes around, and even contribute their own concoctions to attract new clientele. Once a bartender manages all these skills, then success is not far behind.

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